I’m sick of people saying, “Keep politics out of my video games!”

The demand that developers go out of their way to leave politics out of video games is one that many gamers rally behind. This really gets on my nerves. "Politics" are a facet of life that can't be ignored. Even the devs who supposedly succeed in being apolitical are making a political statement in doing so.

An example of a game that has received praise from the denomination of anti-political gamers is the Modern Warfare remake/soft reboot/whatever you wanna call it. One of the people who worked on it claimed in an interview that it's not political at all. A major selling point of the game's campaign was that it depicted all sides, shows shades of grey, and doesn't show one side as the right one. This is nonsense. The game is loaded with propaganda in favor of the United States military. It even flat-out lies about real world history to make the U.S. look better, and it still contains a philosophy that is politically charged to the extreme. Even if the game isn't aligning itself with a general political ideology, it is still political as hell. Here's a video essay that more thoroughly and eloquently breaks down what I'm talking about.

I understand that a great deal of people use games as a go-to method of escapism, and to be reminded of the grim realities ever-present in day-to-day life is the last thing they want. If a way to ignore reality is the extent of what they want the medium to be, then there are plenty of games that don't heavily feature politics they can put their money towards. I'm just weary of the outcry against the inclusion of anything remotely political. More and more games are attempting to tell stories with increased depth and nuance, and I personally believe there's enough room for all variety of approaches to storytelling or the lack thereof.

Submitted January 23, 2020 at 02:55PM by SpatulaFromSpace on Reddit