Is the Nintendo Switch worth the money? #torn

I've been eyeballing the Switch for several months now, I'm a longtime gamer of many consoles but mostly Xbox One for the last couple years. I was a big fan of the wii and lately have been considering the switch. However I can't help but notice there is a lack of games for it. And its pretty damn expensive, it's priced with the Xbox One and PS4 and frankly I don't see it as the same "class" as these more powerful consoles.

Secondly the extra controllers are also damn expensive. I wouldn't likely ever mobile game with it, it would just be a console for my TV. It just seems expensive to actually have adequate controllers and the handful of games available are also expensive.

Am I missing something or is the Switch worth the price of admission?

Submitted January 23, 2020 at 10:35AM by APBpowa on Reddit