Struggling to find a home

I am a long time gamer but for the past years I seem to have a hard time finding a "home" you know, a game that you can call home and invest time into while making friends along the way.

I feel like World Of Warcraft killed my gaming experience. I started playing it at release in 04, It was an amazing game and I have such good memories. I went back to play classic but still it just feels so empty and not the same. I feel like after having played some more modern games my expectations are set to high to be satisfied with the mechanics now. I've tried many new games but none seem to really keep my interest.

Now I just seem to stare at my desktop full of games trying to decide what to play next. When I do finally decide I get bored quickly…. Am I alone in this struggle? I know, first world problems right…..

Submitted January 23, 2020 at 09:12AM by aries0358 on Reddit